Love spells

Witch Craft Love Spells  in  Johannesburg


Witch Craft Love Spells – The Best Five

In this article I shall provide you with the best 5 Witch Craft Love Spells. Read on to know more.


Witch Craft Love Spells # 1

When you want to compel a man into loving you, you can try this spell. Pick out a red rose on a midsummer’s eve. Then you have to take a white silk cloth and wrap the rose up carefully. Till the time of Yule you have to hide it in an undisturbed dark place.

After Yule, you have to unwrap the silk cloth.

If the rose has retained its charm and looks, you should wear it, either on your hair or near your bosom. Your husband shall be the person who will be the 1st one to admire the rose. He will also fall head over heels in love with you.


Witch Craft Love Spells # 2

You may also try out Scottish love spells as they are very effective.


Witch Craft Love Spells # 3

The following is a gypsy willow knot spell that young men should try out. This spell also cures headaches. This is for a young man who wishes to win a young lady’s favor. Choose a midsummer’s eve and enter the woods. You now have to search for willow twigs, which with the passage of time, have got twisted together in 1 knot.

Take a sharp knife along with you. The knife must have a white handle. Cut the twigs with the sharp knife. Put those twigs in your mouth. Close your eyes and chant the following mantra:

“Willow tree, willow tree Give me the luck of thine, Then……. (Your beloved’s name) shall forever be mine.”


Witch Craft Love Spells # 4

It is called the peacock spell. This love spell is for men only. But those women, who are too withdrawn and shy, may use this simple love spell as well. Pick out a small feather from the plume of a male peacock. Wear it on your person. Take care to wear it extremely visibly. And then, whenever, you stare at the mirror, you have to chant:

“I am spreading my tail feathers, My wings to fly.”

That is all. If you think you have become too bold, you should cease to wear the feather for some time.


Witch Craft Love Spells # 5

If you have no one particular in mind, but generally want to attract any good lover to you, you can perform the following spell. Choose a Friday evening at the time of sunset. The time of the waxing moon is ideal.

You have to make a blazing fire and throw any of the 5 herbs mentioned below into that crackling fire.

Your choice for herbs include yarrow, violet, rose petal, rosemary, lovage, lavender, juniper berries, jasmine, ginger, coriander, catnip and basil. It is best to use the freshest form of herb. Let the 5 herbs burn in the blazing fire and chant out loud:

“My true love’s face I’ve yet to see. I know not what his/her name may be. But soon his/her heart will beat for me. Come hither my love.

So may it be.”

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