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Dr.anwar sadat is a unique herbalist healers like no others,he became a descendant of the black mamba clan at the age of 9. He checks using acient methods and he can tell all your life before you say anything to him,He communicate any time with the spiritual worlds. He were tested and approved by both the litiko ie.Tinyanga for Africa and the Botswana Dingaka Association

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80 Responses

  1. anwar says:

    get into my email adress or call me on +27739970300 and we talk

  2. TESHOME says:

    I need money spells

  3. Luyanda says:

    Hi I need to be permanent where I’m working I have been a contract for 2 years and other people that came after me they are becoming permanent in front of me and I need them to increase my salary at work

  4. shazeedaa says:

    Assalaamu alai kum

    please help me with Money spell… i am really in trouble with my family…all my financial level has become zero..i badly need your help

  5. tayane says:

    Hi i wS wondering if you charge anything for the spell?cus thats the problem i dony have money .can you maybe help me with my money problems?

  6. Noel says:

    Please provide financial prosperity to me and my family by casting a spell to make my business work financially

  7. yolisa says:

    I am in need of money today.they are hungry at and i need to provide.please contact me

  8. natasha says:

    Can u please help me I need money today please I’m in big financial problems please help me

    • ose says:

      hi nathasha can u please help me to have money. i have been safaring since i was born lot of it i dont care what u do for me as long as i get rich

  9. Melissa says:

    Do you charge for your spells?

  10. dhanya says:

    hi ji,

    i am in big trouble like bank loan and credit card issues. i am trying
    for new job and i am not getting it. in the present my manager is
    playing with me dirty politics and i cant continue here. i am looking
    for high salary job and i am not getting . please give me some
    solution for the same.i need to money to solve my bank probelem


  11. natasha says:

    Hi there how are u can u please help me,I have 4 kids to provide for and I’m very poor. I can’t even buy them all the stuff they need for school. I just need a large sum of money to help me get back on my feet and buy a home where me and my kids can stay,so they have a yard to play and that I can buy enough food so we don’t go hungry please help me I don’t have any money to pay now but I promise to pay u in full after the spell. Has worked please help me its urgent and I’m desperate please help

  12. Bradley Basson says:

    I nead a lhuge winnung in powerball or lotto winnings to provide for my family and I do care about people who have the same strugels as me

  13. Evelyn says:

    i want money fast

  14. lucian says:


  15. thando says:

    can I get a spell to win money, and how much will I have to pay you for this spell

  16. ALICE says:


  17. anwedge says:

    please i need moracle money urgent as in today 2mil thats all help me fast pliz…..matter of urgency

  18. Seipati says:

    Please,i need money today..im in trouble and i only have u

  19. Samuel says:

    I need to win the lottery in my country.

  20. Samuel says:

    I need to win the lottery in my country.

  21. Let me get R80 million at my account please

  22. Shorty says:

    Hi i am in big trouble with my financial, i am not working at the moment with 2 kids, i am a single Parents 2 hundred thousand its fine for me and my kids i will pay back after the job is done

  23. I want a money spell l want to be rich wealthy help me

  24. brian phiri says:

    I need money doctor

  25. Singazi says:

    Hi. I need spell that can make me rich. I’m unemployed and have two kids. I’m 26 years old. I need help doctor

  26. Singazi says:

    I’m in need of a rich man to love me. A man who will take care of me.

  27. Rony says:

    I need with I played the megamillion lotto to win I need to win

  28. sam says:

    M in debts cnt even buy grocery
    Not to mention helping my family. All I want is a spell

  29. Oscar Ravhuanzwo says:

    i am truly in need of money right now. more than R10.000. please help me as son as possible

  30. Oscar Ravhuanzwo says:

    i really dont want this…its really scary.

  31. I need Spells to win money, I have some serious financial problems. What should I do to solve my problems.

    • Xolile Nongoma says:

      I do have a very serious financial problem and i would like to have money same day,i’m currently a medical student at University of Witwaterand.My cell number is 0719743985

  32. I am in need of Spells to win money, I have some serious financial problems. What should I do to rid myself of this problems.

  33. vusumzi says:

    I need muthi to get the job I want a.s.a.p please help me

  34. cherelene says:

    I need money to provide for my family and my studies and give my family a better life so they can be happy but don’t want things to turn back to me in a later stadge

  35. Adongi says:

    I need money please help

  36. Tsholofelo says:

    I am in need of a spell to help win lotto,yebo millioner and G bet I am struggling financial and I am in deep depts.I am not to meet my financial commitment. I am also struggling to conceive please help

  37. abueng says:

    i have no because iam new coustomer i have aproblem of money i have alot of debt

  38. Deneas says:

    I am in real need of money . Within 5days. Going to to court next tuesday there is money l need to pay for damages.

  39. nnamdi eugene says:

    i need money to take care of my family

  40. I need money I’m not working and I have no cent in my account so please help me

  41. tracy says:

    (((ravidattvyas522 @ gmail. com))) … restored my relationship, my boyfriend came back to me, i took him back and I am now settled with him

  42. chazara says:

    I need money spell please help

  43. chazara says:

    Has anyone got an answer or help from the doctor please let me know I also need help

  44. Pls help to solve my financial problem and to get free from debts and loan

  45. Help me to get rid from financial crisis, debts and loan.

  46. Joyce Shipanga says:

    I’m in Namibia I have a financial problem I need money urgently.how van you help me?

  47. MATOGA Patrice says:

    I need money and big wealth, please help

  48. Hi can you really help to win lotto?

  49. Libby says:

    Iam having problems with my bank and I need money urgently

  50. nandipha says:

    I’m drowning in debt I need to be rich fast please help me and how much do you charge for your services so I can start saving

  51. babalwa says:

    haii I m drowning in debts cant manage to support my kids i need fast money spell or casino spell . How much you charge .

  52. Thembi says:

    Please help me I’m in deep Dept I can’t afford anything ,please help me get a huge sum of money fast I am really desperate

  53. Maria says:

    Hello. I have small problem. Me and my long term partner have just split up over stupid arguments. We have just sold out house because of this, I have tried to speak with him but he is a stubborn man. Is there a way you can reunited our love for each other.


  54. Luisa says:

    I need help and I’m desperate please reply me in need of the spell

  55. amanda says:

    i need help right now

  56. Hlengiwe Mata says:

    Im homeless jobless i need money

  57. Roman Mwamba says:

    I want to receive a spells to winoney(lottery) I’m a Dr without job.the life is difficult. What is the cost for this spells? Thanks.
    I’m a man 63 years old.

  58. Solly Petro Gadebe says:

    Please help me fulfill my goals
    Because I only get a state disability grant as living wage since im a paraplegic person at age of 43. So the grant is not enough to support my family do other things I like. Though I have Pty company documents but I can’t even get a single contract. Please help me, when I’m successful I will do anything for you.

  59. monde says:

    i need help im tired of being unable to fulfil my dreams i need a way ti be rich plz help i dont have money but promise to pay after the spell works

  60. Waqas says:

    Hello Sir. Kind regards my money situation. I have been involved in gambling casino which caused me a big loss. Is there a way that you could kindly help me with this spell which i can use it on casino roulette table to help me out. I will look forward to hear from you

  61. I need money
    I want to pay off a bill
    I want a car I need enough
    Down payment for house can u help

  62. fiona says:

    I need money spells urgently

  63. Peter says:

    Evening. Can you please help me with spells to win money.

  64. I want to receive a large sum of money so I can be wealthy

  65. stina says:

    I need your help financially I’m struggling please Dr

  66. Dan says:

    Am financially down help me to get cash to sort out my bills even if it is through gambling

  67. Dan says:

    Need cash am financially down even if it is through gambling need to pay bills

  68. jerry says:

    I need money too help my famel

  69. dinahlee says:

    I need the spell to become rich and wealth have too much money for the rest of my life and can I pay after results

  70. andre says:

    Pls i am about so loos all need mony asap i wil do anything pls help

  71. Everlyne Akaka Odera says:

    I urgently need cash by tomorrow morning otherwise I will be in for danger

  72. Emmanuel says:

    please help me am in need of money to sort out some financial problems

  73. Emma says:

    please help me am in need of money to sort out some financial problems

  74. Hi contact me soon I need money power

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