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Basic Love Spell

Basic Love Spell are the most popular spells among spell seekers around the world. Not only are they the easiest, but their high demand is also due to the ubiquitous prevalence of love and romance all around us. We have all fallen in and out of love, and we have only wished that the whole process could be simple and trouble-free. That is exactly what love spells can help you achieve, and with free love spells, you do not have to be bogged down by excess costs or conditions. Here you can find many love spells in 9 different forms of magic. Basic Love Spell


If you are madly in love and wish it to go full steam ahead into hand fasting (Wiccan Marriage)
make him this excellent supermarket-ingredient love potion.
Get yourself some orange juice, some spring water, some rose water and a dash of nutmeg-oranges
are very potent symbols of love-if your partner brings you one you can be sure he adores you.
Anyway, blend a beautiful refreshing drink from the above (don’t overdo the nutmeg) and
drink it with your lover-you don’t have to tell him what it’s for. Look into his eyes-you’ll see the
truth there about your future once he’s downed this powerful concoction.
This spell also work male to female. Basic Love Spell

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Are you interested in love with someone but that person does not seem to feel the same way or love you back, are you having eyes for someone but you think that person is too hard to get, then this is the right love spell for you, it will make someone see you in a different way in love even if you’ve not proposed love to that person, after this love spell is done it will turn into a love magnet bringing you together with the one you love .. Basic Love Spell


or Spells are used or performed, if you have lost your lover and all the efforts that you have tried have failed and there is no way that you can get your love back. Lost love spells will bring your love back to you unconditionally. Also if your lover is with some one else then by the power of this love spell your love will break his or her love relationship off and he or she will come back to with you forever


Get the inner soles out of your lovers shoes (yeah ya might have to snag an old pair or buy him some
Dr. Scholes “insoles” shoe cushions or something that you can get your hands on later) Write your
name on a piece of paper, Write his name on another piece of paper (be creative here like use pink
paper cut into heart shapes or wedding images ect) Place the two pieces together so the names are
facing each other, Using 5 new needles (the kind with the gold eye are the best) pin the two pieces of
paper together, Wrap the papers with strands of corn silk, then sandwich the papers between the soles
you got from his shoes, Wrap the soles tightly with yellow or gold thread, keep this near you, in a closet
or under a mattress etc. Burn a white and yellow candle for one hour every day for 5, 10 or 25 days.
(this would be a good time to do the writing of your “married” name like I mention below)

Love spells are some of the common types of magical spells cast. They are very popular to obtain a new love, attract a lover, and also to find pure love. Free love magic spells also include spells to cast on new lovers to strengthen the ties between the two involved. Basic Love Spell

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Magic love spells are not always to find or keep a special love. They are also used to end an unwanted lovers attention, break up a couple or even to banish a couple. There are many different free love magic spells.

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