Black magic in usa and how do you remove a black magic spell put on your house by a witch?

Black magic in usa

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Black Magic Spells are considered to be negative spells that are cast to create harm, though the term Black magic in usa is actually a miss-wording. There is no black or white magic, magic is neutral, it’s the intent of the caster that people use to label magic to make it easier to understand the difference between those who use magic to help white magic spells and those who want to cause harm (black magic).

What is black magic?

black magic is also called Dark Magic it’s doing for a selfish purpose and control the someone and their emotions like feelings
You could do a spell for yourself or you could get a “professional” witch to do it for you. to remove a spell or curse breaking a curse

Black magic in usa that allows you to switch bodies with someone else

People who make money from Black magic in usa such as the late Alister Crowley may claim to do things like that, but aside from being publicity hounds or being deranged, they have no reason to make such claims. That stuff exists only with genuine spell caster There’s proof of my real soul switching spell people switching bodies with each other. We mortal humans actually know diddly with and what one’s mind and body are capable of doing and because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, we can become someone other than ourselves, Yes, my real black magic can switch bodies with other people and also allow you to switch bodies with somebody else using Body Swap Spell. It also has some connections with voodoo spells. It is also possible with true deep love, and quantum physics:

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