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Free Money Spells in Kuwait LOVE SPELLS VOL. 3 – Love spells are used to help someone fall in love with you, return your love or advances, or even to stop a divorce. Free magic love spells are also used to get your lover back or rekindle a love. Free Money Spells in Kuwait

MAKE LOVE LEAVE SPELLS OR RIDDING SPELLS – Make love leave or ridding magic spells makes it easy to say goodbye to a love that unwanted. These free make love leave magic spells are great at ending relationships so that both parties are able to move on more easily.

MAGIC LUCK SPELLS – Luck magic spells are used to bring good luck and fortune to the spell caster. Luck magic spells are can even be cast into a good luck charm and given to someone who is in need of good luck.

FREE MONEY SPELLS – These magic spells are used to obtain extra money that will help in times of financial difficulties. These magic money spells are also cast to double your money. Free magic spells are also used for the purpose of gaining prosperity and wealth.

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MOON MAGIC SPELLS – These moon magic spells call upon special magical powers that draw their energies from the different phases of the moon dealing with magical workings. Moon magic also includes information pertaining to moon correspondences. Free magic moon spells are cast during different moon phases for different magical purposes. Free Money Spells in Kuwait

MAGICAL OBJECTS AND SPELLS – Object magic spells can turn ordinary objects into magic charms by casting magical powers and properties onto the object. Object spells are also used as charm spells. These magic spells can also be used to make items levitate or float. Free Money Spells in Kuwait

OILS AND OINTMENT SPELLS – Free oils and ointments magic spells are spells cast in which the main ingredient is some type of oil or cream. Oils and ointment spells can be made into protection oils, magic sleep oil, attraction oil and even love oils. Free oils magic spells can be used a number of different ways depending on the use the oil is made for.

PEACE SPELLS – Peace magic spells are commonly used magic spells. These free magic spells are used to dis spell negative energies and bring calmness and peace to your life. Peace spells are also used to restore peace in your home that has been disrupted. Free Money Spells in Kuwait

LOVE POTIONS AND MAGIC SPELLS – Most common magic potion spells are the love potions. Don’t be under the assumption magic potions are only for love. Free magic potion spells are also used as lust potions, employment potions, and also protection potions.

MAGIC PROTECTION SPELLS 1 – Protection magic spells cover a wide array of protections spells. There are powerful magic spells to protect homes, families, loved ones, jobs and also health. Protection spells can be cast by you as a precautionary spell for family, pets, and loved ones.

FREE PROTECTION SPELLS 2 – Another type of magic protection spell is the ones involving protection against bad things such as evil forces, negative energies, and bad dreams or nightmares. These magic protection spells are cast so often they are also used as protection chants.

PSYCHIC SPELLS AND ASTRAL MAGIC SPELLS – Psychicand astral spells are cast to be used against psychic attacks, ward off psychic vampires, or also to see magical auras around people. These free spells can also be used to strengthen your own psychic shield making it more difficult for others to use magic against you.

REVERSAL AND UNDO MAGIC SPELLS – Reversal spells are used for the purpose the title suggests. These magic spells are used to reverse or undo a spell you have cast or that someone else has cast upon you, for example a love spell. These magic spells are used to undo magical spells, curses, hexes, and black magic.

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Is your office or building stressful? Try this To make your workplace a place of harmony
and peace sprinkle this magical powder around when no one is looking.
Create this powder on a Thursday Evening for the strongest possible mixture!
3 drops of rose oil 5 drops of sandalwood oil 7 drops of lavender oil
a handful of talcum powder a teaspoon dried powdered chamomile flowers (if available)
Mix everything but the talc together in a ceramic bowl with a fork until well blended.
Add the talcum powder and mix well. Visualize a warm blue light building and radiating
from the powder as you mix. Do this until you are satisfied and gently pour the powder
into a little paper envelope or sachet. Take it work the next morning.


These are hung by your bed to encourage a restful sleep and sweet dreams.
10 Cardamon pods 1 tsp. Salt 15 cloves
1/2oz peppermint 1/2 oz rosemary dried peel of 1 lemon
Light a white and pink candle, place them on your work area (kitchen table, counter top).
Crush the cloves, cardamon and salt to a fine powder. Blend with the herbs and put in bags.
As you are making the bags concentrate on peaceful memories and beautiful thoughts.
When you hang the bags by your bed say out loud:
Sleep be with me Peaceful sleep Restful sleep
Let my mind be eased Let my body be calmed
Wings of darkness Let the sight of night and dream
be clear, be quiet Let my troubles drift away and let me dream


Spell and magick be gone (say this three times)
That has been placed on me by person(s) known or unknown to me
Go back from whence you came
Remain with whom you came from
Be with who you were sent by
Then visualize a pyramid going over you.
I am under universal light and universal protection
Nothing less then universal perfection can touch me were I am
The forces of this spell do leave So mote it be.

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Use a violet or black candle and chant these words:
Turn his heart away from me, but not so far he detests me so,
Undo the obsession (he/she) has with me, for I’ve no love to show.
Unrequited love isn’t fair, it’s better we’re not together.
Make (him, her) find another love who’ll stay by (his/her) side forever.