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What Is a Djinn?

Djinn are known around the world by many name. For example, jinnat, khadims, khodams, spirits, angels, jabals, hamzaads, jinns, djinns and many more.

Djinn are magical beings. Whereas most mortals were formed by the Creator from earth mixed with other elements, Djinn were formed from smoke and fire.

In the distant past, the different tribes of Djinn had a lot of interaction with mortals.In some terminalogies Demons also refernced towrads Djinns.Unlike Djinns,Angels are not.creature of free will and strictly obey the commands of God.

Djinn were known to take them as slaves, teachers, students, lovers, worshppers, and food. Those Djinn who still exist are very dangerous and best avoided. It is a very lucky mortal who walks away with only a curse.

There are six major tribes of Djinn. Jinn are the most common, and often interact with mortals. Jann often make their homes in oases in the desert. Marid are few in number, but very powerful.

They tend to live near the coast. Ifrit are more common, and tend to be violently opposed to mortals. Their allies the Shaitan live in the mountains and underground. The Ghul are the most base and depraved of the Djinn, and prey on both the living and the dead.

Djinn can take the form of animals or people, and often do so when dealing with mortals. They are all capable of creating illusions or altering reality.

Padishah Ishaq bin Asad is the only mortal known to have been able to control Djinn. Many of them still fear his name. Ankhs (cross-loops) are associated with Djinn. They are often used as good luck tokens.

The elders of both the Jinn and the Jann chose to aid the side of mortals. However, the Shaitan and the Ghul were both corrupted by demonic powers lurking within the Ifrit. All three fight against mortal interests.

The elders of the Marid tribe, being both proud and powerful, allowed each individual to make his or her own choice.

Even those Djinn allegedly on the side of mortals often see nothing wrong with harming individuals. Further, all the tribes have renegades. It is best to treat them all with extreme caution.

Some Djinn are vulnerable to certain kinds of metal, especially iron or copper. It is not known if these can be fatal to them. On very rare occasion, a Djinn might be bound to some object and forced to serve a master.

Jinn are the most populous of the Djinn tribes that have sided with mortals. They have also been the most active in interacting with them.They enjoy intellectual debate with mortals, and sometimes take on human form for such purposes.

They are the least magical, and some have become nearly human. It is said that many Jinn travel on carpets that fly, and live in places where the wind never stops.

Some can change their appearance to a smoke or mist, a huge eagle, or a strong man or woman. They are vulnerable to copper. Ifrit are among the most powerful of the tribes, and they are extremely violent towards mortals.


You will find different kind of Djinn rituals to summon and control Djinns.

These rituals are extremely powerful and should not be taken lightly.

It is very easy to be carried away by false claims of so-called spiritualists with little or known experience in handling djinns, let alone developing or providing you spells, rituals or formulas for conjuring them or invoking them. The Genies and djinn invocation spells you find here-under have been a part of my family for centuries. You will fine two djinn invocation spells or incantation formulas here. The male djinn Ajinnah Youssouf invocation formula or as some call it a spirit summoning spell and the King of djinns, Ajinnah Alifan invocation spell. These djinns, when conjured by you will appear in any form you choose them to and will only be visible to you.

The result of your djinn invocation spell will pay off when you experience the immense power of these djinns. They can do wonders for you by obeying all your commands in a flash. Again, whether you call them djinn invocation spells, angel incantaion spells or spirit summoning spells, one thing is for sure – You will not be dissatisfied.

Welcome to the magical world of DJINNS.

Ajinnah Alifan – THE KING OF ALL DJINNS – Genie Invocation Spell

genie summoning spell



Conjuring him is equal to conjuring all the djinns on this earth.

He is most powerful djinn as he is the king and all relative djinns are his subjects. I bring you the most powerful djinn invocation spell. If you are able to conjure him, you have conjured the GENIE KINGDOM.

  1. If he is your slave, all his kingdom and his subjects are your slaves. This is the most powerful djinn invocation spell in the world.
  2. This King Djinn ALIFAN can do much more for you than any other jinn, djinn or jabal in this world.. This is the most powerful djinn invocation spell in the world.
  3. The spirit summoning spell and invocation formula for conjuring THE KING DJINN ALIFAN is a 40 day spirit summoning djinn invocation spell though not tough. This is the most powerful djinn summoning spell in the world.
  4. The djinn invocation spell and formula is supplied along with a bottle. This is the most powerful spirit calling spell in the world.


Cost of this Djinn Spell is US$ 199

Ajinnah Youssouf – THE NOBLE MALE DJINN – Jinn Invocation Spell


DJINN, HAMZAD or JABAL are the different names for AJINNAH YOUSSOUF. Just one day’s invocation provides you the POWER to CONJURE him using a powerful djinn invocation spell. You may have definitely known through your own knowledge or may have heard from your elders about djinns.

There are two types of DJINN, the wicked one ( Shaiateeni Spirit ) and the noble one that is ( Roohani Spirit ) who is very obedient and gentle. Now you can conjure and control the noble GENIE ( summon the spirit ) whose name was “AJINNAH YOUSSOUF”.  If you are enthusiastic person with all courage and no fear to conjure and command this noble GENIE and succeed in doing this djinn invocation spell, you too can be the world’s most successful and rich man full of MYSTICAL POWERS.

When you conure this noble DJINN, you will be able to see everything possible on this earth. There is nothing that this DJINN will refuse doing when commanded by you provided you do not engage him in illegal activities, such as thefts, rapes and anything illegal.  This is a very powerful djinn invocation spell. A few examples of what AJINNAH YOUSSOUF can do for you are given as follows, when conjured and summoned.

  1. He can give you the correct winning numbers for Lotto, Pools, Bingo and help you out in any sort of gambling by speaking in your ears in front of people. The powerful Ajinnah Youssouf djinn invocation spell.
  2. If you desire to travel to another country, you do not need any sort of documents or aircrafts, you just have to order your DJINN and he will hold your hands and in a fraction of a minute you will be in the land of your dreams, similarly if you need somebody to come to you it is a matter of seconds that AJINNAH YOUSSOUF will produce the person male or female, friend or enemy. Easy Ajinnah Youssouf djinn spell.
  3. If you desire to see something distant, you just have to command the AJINNAH YOUSOUF and he will immediately portray the same in front of your eyes. The powerful spirit summoning spell.
  4. If you wish to have the hidden treasures that are under ground, order your DJINN and he shall show you the same and if there is no owner of the treasure, he may even bring it to you and put it in your feet. The effective djinn invocation spell.
  5. If you have a blood enemy, you just have to order your DJINN and he shall look after the whole problem and the person on the whole. The real djinn spell.
  6. If you desire to teach a good lesson to anyone male or female, your obedient AJINNAH YOUSSOUF will do the needful under your command. The best spirit summoning spell.
  7. You need anything on this living earth, you just have to tell your slave the AJINNAH YOUSSOUF and it shall be done in no waste of time. The powerful Djinn invocation spell.
  8. If you wish to be invisible to the world for as long as you need too, the GENIE will hold your hand and you will be invisible for that long, no one will see you or your possessions but you will be able to see everyone and everything. When you wish to be visible again tell your AJINNAH YOUSSOUF and you will be visible again. The effective Jinn Spell. Magic Rings

Now this old treasured EGYPTIAN DJINN AJINNAH YOUSSOUF can be your obedient slave by just invoking a very harmless to do SECRET INVOCATION FORMULA ( Djinn Invocation Spell ) within a day’s time. Take a note that invocation of the djinn using this formula shall in no way harm you or your family, whatsoever. The djinn invocation spell and formula is very short, easy and harmless. This djinn invocation spell is supplied along with a magic lamp.


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In the past, you may have received several letters and catalogues from Spiritualists and Gurus in which they may have offered you a number of Formulas to conjure spirits or angel incantation spells that you may have either found very difficult to do because of extensive fasting, abstaining from meats, remaining vegetarian and living only on fruits for days etc, or may have been scared at the very first thought of the invocation spell or formula.

Looking into several such questions and problems being faced by devotees, I have now MYSELF invoked, conjured and tamed the noble angel spirits. There is a simple spirit invocation spell or angel incantation formula to be done by you. The spirit will start obeying you and listening to your commands and instructions, no sooner the powerful invocation spell is complete. Magic Rings


Do not fear at all as the spirit will be in your control and under no circumstances can cause any harm to you or your family whatsoever. The spirit shall instead do anything that you may instruct it to do apart from stealing money, or anything that is not proper in the frame of law. The spirit will also protect you and your family from unseen disaster, unforeseen accidents, unnatural deaths, etc. Further, rest assured that after doing the invocation spell, you alone will be able to see the noble powerful angel spirit with your naked eyes, as and when you desire to do so.

Find out the real concept of djinn, jinn, ghosts, spirit, demons, satan in islam.

Information on the jinn, from quran quotes and faqs. jinn according to quran and sunnah. People have twisted the concept of jinn, however, it is interesting to note its origin is from islam. Everything you need to know about jinn spirit djinn

djinn jinn djinn jinns ufo, alien, spirit, demon, ghost, grey jinn summoning and materialize as many creatures like ufo, monster, elementals, demons, ascended master, apparition, doppelganger and angel. they are masters of astral science.

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in islam and pre-islamic arabian folklore, a spirit, also known as jinn, djinn, from arabic ??? jinn? is a supernatural creature which possesses free will. Haunted immortal portal djinn jinn spirits spirit fairy invocations and spirits. Genies, metaphysical , psychic, paranormal , jewelry on Haunted dark ifrit, efrit, djinns, jinns spirits female lust jinn monsters, saints, summoning aliens and spirits,. What are the jinn, what form can the devils take? are all jinn bad ?, in arabian history. Spells from the distant past, the different tribes of djinn had a lot of interaction with mortals.

There are six major tribes of djinn. jinn are the most common. In arabian and muslim folklore, jinns are ugly and evil demons having supernatural powers which they can bestow on persons having powers to call them up. Spells and magick to invoke jinn jinns djinn jinn spirits jinns djinns khadims and khodams. Conjure jinns by magick spells and rituals. Conjuration formulas for jinn, mojo wish oil, spirit conjuration techniques, djinn jinn in a bottle formula.

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