Ways Of Becoming A Real Wizard, Witch Or Necromancer

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In the wizarding world, Magic Spells are used to achieving useful effects without the benefit of modern technology. The main depiction of a “spell” consists of a gesture made with a wand, combined with a spoken incantation. Each spell name is only known and understood by real wizards and must remain within the wizarding world.

A wand is a tool used by witches and wizards to channel magical powers. Most spells are done with the aid of wands. It is possible to do magic without a wand, but is very difficult and requires much concentration and skill. Remember, the wand chooses the wizard, not the other way around!
Spells are listed by their category (i.e. attack, defensive, healing) with a written description of their power and result. Wave your wand (your phone), and cast an audible spell like a true witch or wizard.

Now you can join the wizarding world and perform over 100 Wizard Spells! Magically transform your phone into a wizard’s wand. Your wand is there to help and protect you when you need it most.

Explore the unknown and reach out to bring ancient gifts and the old closed doors to life will open. Everyone has magic in them, you just need to know how to use it. Use it when you want, how you want. Tap into the powerful, unseen forces of sorcery to find spiritual and physical fulfillment. Following in the footsteps of a master sorcerer, develop and use skills that others around you haven’t even dreamed of. Become adept at tasks that seem humanly impossible while you learn the wisdom and knowledge of ancient magick mages. Get your copy now!

Of course, they are. Some people are born with it and others just practice it. It is a skill you either have or to master.

A Pagan Perspective In my considerable experience there are both Witches and Wizards alive and practicing their craft in the world today.

A Witch is generally a practitioner of magic, within a structured spiritual path.

A man or woman (the word is NOT gendered specific), who follows one of many spiritual paths that include the manipulation of naturally occurring powers, and elements by their hand and will.

Not all practitioners of magic call or consider themselves witches, nor do all people who call or consider themselves witches practice magic.

A Wizard is generally a practitioner of the science of magic, not usually within a spiritual path.

A man or woman (once again the word is NOT gendered specific), who researches, studies and experiments with the naturally occurring powers, and elements sometimes called “magic.”