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SPELL FOR LOTTERY WINNING NUMBERS, spell to win the lottery tonight

SPELL FOR LOTTERY WINNING NUMBERS, spell to win the lottery tonight

It’s important for you to know which game you are going to play and what the numbers to choose from are hence you must have the lottery ticket with you before casting this lottery spell that works like magic.

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Cast this spell for nine nights starting from Thursday. This lottery spell will only take effect when started on Thursday.

At a sleeping time when lying on the bed take a few deep breaths, relax completely and don’t think about anything but just concentrate on your lottery ticket. Now close your eyes and imagine your ticket with all the numbers on it. While concentrating on the imaginary image you have just created, say the spell one hundred times slowly with the help of a clock counter, digital counter or stopwatch that alerts you when you reach the figure hundred so you don’t lose count.

Spell For Lottery Winning Numbers, spell to win the lottery tonight

As nights go by you will start dreaming numbers but this does not mean you will play lottery before the designated ninth day. The numbers may not be accurate before the ninth day of spell casting is done.

On completion of the spell casting on a ninth night, you will dream accurate winning lottery numbers and the numbers will be clear to such an extent that you will remember the numbers you have dreamt when you wake up in the morning. You are now ready to play your lottery and set to win.

Note: Your imaginary image of the lottery ticket need not be precise because it’s impossible to imagine all the numbers on the ticket as printed which is obvious and understandable hence a blurry graphical imaginary image is fine and perfectly acceptable.

This lottery spell really works and even the most skeptic casters have written back to me testifying.