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How can you get a real spell caster to get back my ex love?


Some people say

While there is no proof that there are spell casters that work, you can find people claiming to do such all over the Internet. There are also incantations you can try yourself, though there is no proof that they work.

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 Surely you would not like to be stuck with someone who is violent, drunk all the time, or unfaithful, and not be able to get rid of them. Some believe that “love spells” can turn into “rape spells” when cast on someone who is unwilling.

Regardless of whether such magic exists or not, your best bet is to get over the person, try to be a little wiser and learn what you did wrong, if anything, and then look for someone more suitable for you.

If you want to cast a “spell,” you could start by calling them or writing them and apologizing to them if there is something you did. You do not want to sound possessive or needy in any way. Then gently let them know you are available and willing to make it work if they want, but that you won’t keep after them, and that you will gladly support them in any decisions they want to make in their lives. Then get on with your life. If it is meant to be, they will come back to you. If it is not meant to be, then you have to learn how to be mature enough and move on.

How do you make your ex understand that you do still love him but you can’t get back with him?

Answer : Explain to him that you don’t like him anymore and that he’ll never get you back and if he doesn’t listen to that just ignore him.

How do get your ex back if you’re in love with him and can’t live without him?

Answer: I know it sounds odd, but if it is possible for him to come back you HAVE to live without him. Try and become his friend, and when he sees you have a life for yourself, he might be attracted to the idea of you being his again. I am NOT saying to make him jealous, just make yourself independent from him emotionally. Nobody likes to feel pressured by another person…even if its love.\n. \nYou also have to face the fact that it might be over too. He might have grown out of love with you. Maybe with some distance from him and being on your own for awhile might show you that not only can you live without him, but you are stronger than you think. \n. \nGood luck and be strong. You can do it…
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Is it possible to fall back in love with your ex?

Answer . It is very possible to fall back in love with an ex. Sometimes the good times are more than the bad and the possibilty is great for a second chance. But as with all things, caution is needed in order to protect both you and your ex. Communicating about what when wrong is a good idea for making sure that it doesn’t go wrong again. If he or she is the one, your heart will give them a second chance.

Will you ever get your ex back if you love him and miss him?

Answer: IT takes time to get over someone close to you. All I can say, is let him know how you feel, and leave the rest to him. Move on in your life and see if he comes back to you.
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How can you keep a loved one from going back to an abusive ex?

Answer . Unfortunately in most cases you can’t. This person should have made a better attempt at getting help regarding their abusive relationship and either was too brain-washed or lacking self confidence to do so and returned into the relationship. Abused Women’s Centers (they also have Abused Men’s Programs as well) will help her, but only if she wants that help. A very high percentage of abused women (of all ages; rich or poor; from housewives to career orientated women) can be abused and go back to an abusive relationship.\n. \nAbused people have been basically brain-washed into believing they aren’t good for much and that they can’t exist financially or any other way out in society. The abuser will usually segregate the victim from their family and friends and perhaps even take the victim’s car away or count the time from the minute they leave the home, to the store and home again. Also abusers can use the children in the relationship as blackmail and the victim hasn’t got the strength, doesn’t believe she will ever win in a court of law (and often they do if they trust the Abused Women’s Center) and therefore the victim may stay out of fear alone. Often the victim has been threatened by her abuser who has threatened to harm her family, kids or her. It wouldn’t be the first time an abuser has kept his/her word on this one.\n. \nYou’re a good person for caring so if you just need to help this person then get them into counseling ASAP!

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after he said he loved you and then broke up with you?

Answer . Why would he breakup with you after saying I love you? Why would you want him back. How confusing is he? If he still has true feelings for you it should not be hard to go and speak with him to let him know that you want to continue the relationship. Make some new ground rules so that the two of you dont repeat the actions that made you break up in the first place.
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How do you keep your love and work things out after winning back your ex?

Answer . You’ve just made the first mistake …. talking to us instead of your mate. It’s called communication . You both obviously made mistakes the first time around so you both need to sit down and see where you went wrong and how you can strengthen your relationship this time around.. A couple should take out at least one hour a day to sit and talk to each other without the TV on or other distractions. Going for a walk together is another good thing. My husband and I have known each other 40 years and been married 35. When he gets home from work he may have a wine or a tea with me and we discuss his day and mine and if there should be any problems we work them out together. We are honest and loyal to each other. Communication does work and it takes practice.. Congratulations and I’m happy to see both of you giving your relationship another try.. Good luck

Why do you love your ex and want her back if she cheated on you?

Answer . You’re just not over her yet; it takes time to get over that.

How can you get your ex back when he loves someone else?

Answer . I’m sorry to say that if he loves someone else then you are going to have to deal with it. ‘Ex’ means they are no longer with their girlfriend and he’s free to choose who he wants, but then again so are you! All of us had probably had this happen at least once in our lives and NEVER let any guy control you! Start going out with friends, have a good time, and before you know it you’ll meet some nice guy that you deserve. You have lots of time so don’t settle for less.

A man told me he loved me then went back to his ex-wife Why?

This could have happened because his mind is obsessed with physicalrelations more than the relations that bud in heart.

What do you do if you love a guy that is an ex-boyfriend and he doesn’t love you back?

Answer . Move on. There are plenty of guys that will love you, he had his chance the first time.

You love your ex and you don’t know how to get him back?

there is a reason that they are your ex- because it is past tense, its over!!!!!. trust me, i spent two years trying to work out how to get my wife to come back. she had moved on, and i hadn’t- so i could drive myself insane trying different thingsto make her come back, or accept she’s gone, it’s over, time to move on. another pointless exercise is trying to work out what went wrong, because that is something in the past as well.. i was given this same advice by someone in the beginning, i wasn’t able to follow the advice. you’ll come around to this way of thinking in your own time when you are ready to let go. it’s really hard, but things will get better.. perhaps we could discuss this…. say, over dinner. even though that’s probably not funny from where you sit, when you can see the humour in it, your well on your way to getting better. good luck

How do you get your ex back because you still love him?

go call him or tell him to his face that “I love you” or “I still love you” and i want you back…let ur feelings out

How do you tell your ex you love him but are afraid to get back with him?

You can start by saying that you care very deeply about him and his feelings. But you are insecure about reconecting because of _________ ____ _____ ___[why your afraid to get back with him.] Explain that you trust love and care about him {only if you do :)} And would like to talk about what happened. Also make sure to fasten up any things that you did not do the last time.

How do you getyour ex-boyfriends love back?

I’ll tell you what girl, some things are better left unsaid, but you don’t feel like seeing the obvious although you already know the answers to that! and I think is time for your to make up your mind and move on…I think you should evaluate the pros, and the contras about your situation…is it getting somewhere? Are you happy with that? If you are not happy, why do you keep on hanging on to that thing? If you can’t find the answers to those questions then you have to move on…leave that behind you. Keep in mind that no matter how sad your situation is, there is always a reason why things like this happened, there is always a lesson hidden for all of us in every pain…see through it, and learn…then live up…take a time to live your pain, feel it, embrace it, and then, let it go…once you are ready to move forward…regain your self esteem…I’ll tell you my opinion through this article I wrote, I think it can do you some good! Please vote if you liked it, you can also live me your opinion…good luck!.

What do you do if your ex wants you back but you love your boyfriend?

Realize that the past was the past. Whatever happened to break you apart has kept you apart. If you really want to be with your ex, don’t keep your boyfriend. Whomever you love the most with a passion is the person that you really want to be with.

Is it weird to fall back into love with your ex?

Sometimes if you can’t get them out of your head and you do have a good connection with them then it’s okay. But if they aren’t interested then don’t pressure them to go back out with you no matter how much you like them. If they don’t like you and don’t want to get back together with you then the best thing to do is try to move on and forget the past. Maybe later in the future you guys could become great friends.

You are still in love with your ex and you want him back what do you do?

First of all think why did he dump you? Did he leave you forsomeone else or maybe he was using you. but if he just lost intrestand said somethin like ‘i just wanna b friends now’ then u may havea chance but dont get your hopes 2 high because he might of notliked u in the first place (i hope i dont sound mean!) just buildyour relasionship up again and ask him ‘do u wanna try again?’ Iwish you luck in winning your ex back! x Wait a year and see if youstill have the same thoughts … Both of you need a “cooling off”period before re-engaging the relationship. Think about what causedthis relationship to sour and part in the first place. Enjoy doingstuff for you … and you alone … if the love and interest isstill there after a years period, then persue it again. However,both parties must be in favor of getting back together.

Is there anyway possible that you can get back with your ex you really love him and will do anything magic voodoo spells to get back with him can anyone help you?

Usually it is not a good idea. You should move on.. However, phone him by accident and pretend you got the numbers mixed up and start a conversation.. Voodoo will not work – we are talking about human relations and you will have to come over as a human being he wants to talk with or be with.. A Pagan Perspective . Magic, Voudon, etc are not toys to be played with. Please see the link below for how a love spell really works.

Is voodoo love spell real?

no it depends on what you mean by real. I personally think “Voodoo” or Vodoun is a fasinating religion, and I don’t know if love spells are actually part of it or if it’s just America’s version of the religion, like all the hype about “voodoo” dolls. In Vodoun they’re actually used for healing. I personally don’t believe in love spells of any sort, but I’m sure some people do.
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What should you do if your in love with your ex boyfriend but your not sure if he loves you back?

well if you are still good friends with him, if friends now at all, then i would just start getting close to them to then eventually ask them what they think of you, obviously because you broke up it wont be an amazing answer unless he still likes you, but give it some time and see how he reacts to you flirting/talking to him 🙂

What do you do if your ex-boyfriend is in love with you but you don’t love him back?

Then tell him and if he loves you so much now why did yall break up in the first place? If you don’t love him then you don’t have to!

What is a REAL spell that makes people love you?

just keep calm and stay good. ask his friends when the person ulike is there ask them do i look better with my hair up or down hewill anwser before his friends where it that way then ask him whatshould i where thx

You love her but your ex wants you back what should you do?

Follow your heart, If you love her . . stay with her. Aparently there was a reason why it didnt work b4 with the other girl, and chances are it wouldn’t work this time . . she is prolly jus jealous cause you have someone you really care about!! Good luck

How to ex girlfriend fall back in love b?

you have to get her back by fixing w/e you did wrong to cause the breakup o.o

How do you get your ex back if he is madly in love with another girl?

As hurtful as a break up can be it is best you move on since your ex is in love with another girl. He is getting on with his life and so should you. As hard as it is get out with friends and start dating again. Don’t sit around and mope over him. If you are both meant to be together you will be and if not then this gives you a good chance of meeting that special person that is right for you.

How can you tell your ex still loves you and wants you back?

He will stare at you when you walk past him, and he will try flirting with you.

What do you do when you want ex boyfriend back even if he does not love you?

The fact that he is you ex boyfriend, shows that there was something wrong with the relationship to cause you to break up. Breaking up is always an emotional experience, if he doesn’t love you, it would be better to try to move on. Being in a loveless relationship will only cause more heart ache.

How do you get your soon to be ex husband to fall back in love with you?

Why did you break up in the first place, would those reasons still be there?

What do you do if your ex says he is in love with you and wants you back?

If he broke up with you the chances are that he will do it again. The reason he broke up with you will still be there. Move on and find the right one for you who will not let you down.

If a guy takes his ex back does that mean her loves her?

He obviously missed something about you if he takes you back after breaking up. Unlike girls, guys acually think there’s other fish in the sea, and if he wants the same girl he had before, then you obviously have something special. He might love you if you were together a long time, but not necissaryly if you werent together that long.

What do you do if you still love you ex and your ex loves you back and you have a boyfriend that you love as well?

Do you remember why you guys broke up? How do you know it won’t happen again? But here’s a question: which one would you marry if you had too? And you couldn’t get a divorce ever?

How can you win back your ex if she’s in love with someone for a year?

Sadly since your ex has been with the young man she loves it is unlikely she will be coming back to you. It is wise if you move on by going out with friends and get back into the dating circuit. There is someone special out there for you even though you may feel at this time there isn’t. Things happen for a reason.

How can you get a good spell caster?

By learning more about yourself and the God and Goddess. Meditation helps a lot– meditate on the goal of your spell before you craft it, to learn what you need to about yourself. Spend a lot of time in nature, and try to connect with those (both human and not) around you.

Will your ex love you more after a love spell?

Just by asking that question lets me know that you cannot move on from the past. Everyone needs to move on even if they don’t want to. It’s hard but somehow you will through it and a love spell? REALLY? it’s time to find someone new 😀 and good luck!

How do you show my ex boyfriend that i still love him and want him back?

you call him everday and you go to his house everyday and tell him that you love him still.

I love my ex-boyfriend but he doesn’t like me what do i do to get him back?

If he doesn’t like you, you can’t force him to just forget about him and move on

How do you stop loving a ex bf and he that got back with his ex?

fall in love with some one else. If it worked on me it can work on any one.

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but love your ex who is back in town for the summer?

You love your ex who is back in town. Go and tell her that you still love him . You can get a positive reply from his side who knows.

How do you become a spell caster?

You can’t they don’t exist beyond Harry Potter and movies. No one is a spell caster.

Can you fall back in love with a ex?

yes. if you still have feelings for them. and who knows…mabye they will regret breaking up with you!!

How do get your ex love back but she is trying to be just friends now?

You cannot make someone love you and if she says she just wants to be friends then she means it. Since you are so in love with her being her friend at this point will keep you in touch with her and perhaps at a later date she may change her mind as to how she feels about you. Meanwhile, don’t sit around moping over her and get out with friends and start dating. Sometimes when the ex boyfriend dates the ex girlfriend may see him in a new light (not wanting him to be with another girl) and this could make her rethink how she feels about you. If not, then you were not meant to be together and there will be someone very special in your life in the future.

When will you get your ex back that you were in love with for 2 years?

you have 2 call her txt her talk 2 her and she will talk back if she doesnt then ur screwed unless ur friends wit 1 of her friends they can tell u wut she thinks of u

How can you win her back if your ex girlfriend back if she has a boyfriend she loves?

In my opinion if you really care about her let her go because once you love someone…. they will never stop. It might be hard. Or you can prove to her that your better for her than he is but if you really care about her then you should let her go. There are always going to be other people.

How do you get your ex boyfriend that your still in love with back and your both single?

To be honest he’s an ex for a REASON. Whatever it was that broke you two up, you need to have some sort of relationship. It’s best to talk, and hang out as friends. Work your way up with the occasional flirt like touching his arm or the longer friendly hugs and smiles. Make the other person feel comfortable in your presence then tell him how you feel and hope for the best. c:

When you tell your ex you love them in he dont say love you back?

Well I’m sorry to say that if he is now your Ex-boyfriend then your kind of you of luck here… He has probably moved on and if he broke up with you than you could probably see that coming! But don’t worry! Guys are more well less liking to say that they love someone than girls are!

What do you do when you love your ex boyfriend and he loves you back but he also loves someone else?

Ask him who he loves more? If he loves her more then ask him why then try to change and act like you don’t like him anymore and he will realize that he NEEDS you

I still love my ex. How can I get him back?

If you were the one who ended the relationship, e-mail him to say you’ve had second thoughts. If he doesn’t reply, or if he was the one who ended it, there isn’t anything you can do right now. If he isn’t interested, he isn’t interested. Dress up, get out, concentrate on your work, your hobbies and your friends. Give him a few weeks to miss you (because you have VANISHED from his in-box and voicemail), and if he has any feelings left for you, he will make contact. If you accidentally run into him socially, give a friendly wave or smile, but don’t stop to speak to him. Just do whatever you were doing anyway. If he still likes you, he’ll come and speak to you. If he doesn’t, you don’t want to look like a fool.

What do you do when your ex says he still loves you and wants you back’?

Do you still love him? If so, what’s stopping you? Just be careful; You don’t want to look too desperate, especially if he was the one who broke up with you in the first place. Also, do NOT feel pressurised into being in a relationship with him again – you have to make yourself happy first, because this is quite a big thing. How about trying to make this into a friendship first, and see where things go from there? With whatever decision you make, good luck, and I hope you’re lucky in love.

What do you do if your ex boyfriend is in love with you but you don’t love him back?

Tell him. Do not lead him on or tell him something you don’t mean;if the feelings are not reciprocated, so not tell him you love him to make him feel better or because you feel it’s the nice/right thing to do. Have a serious talk with him & tell him that you two are exes for a reason & explain that you no longer have any romantic feelings for him. Do not make him confused about his feelings or pretend to like or love him if you don’t.
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