The Power of Voodoo spells, free haitian voodoo spells

The Power of Voodoo spells: Voodoo rituals are held at the temple to celebrate good fortune like a birth or a marriage. But the temple also provides an escape from misfortune like sickness or death. Sometimes the religion does involve an animal sacrifice where the animals’ throat is slit and the blood collected as a tribute to the Loa. The animal is then cooked and eaten, acting as consecrating food for the followers.

The houngan and mambos of the temple do activities and rituals with white magic, which is used to bring good fortune and healing. However, there are people who practice Voodoo with evil sorcery, or black magic, The Power of Voodoo spells, free haitian voodoo spells called caplatas or bokors. Rarely does a hungan or mambo engage in dark magic, but a few do alternate between white and black.

In closing, Voodoo is a very ancient religion – one that is worldwide, seeped in tradition, with over 30 million followers in Africa alone.

Voodoo Spells

The Power of Voodoo spells, free haitian voodoo spells have originated from ancient Africa pith a twist of Christianity thrown into the mix.  The name, voodoo, means “spirit” and is a strongly powerful form of religion. Voodoo spells use specific spirits to make things happen or to alter the future.  There is a single creator in voodoo called the Bondye, which is the highest principle in the universe.  There are other gods and spirits used in voodoo ceremonies as well, such as the Legba, the spirit of virility and youth.  Spirits are known as Loa or Lwa and are contacted via secret rituals and voodoo spells. The Lwa help you solve your various problems in life