Money Spell that works in Haiti | Business Problems – Prayers for money

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How To Cast Money Spell that works in Haiti

Get the paper money you came along with and write the amount of cash you need.
Place it on the table, light one green candle and firmly attach it on the bill so that the candle may burn for 7 hrs.
As the candle burns, i shall determine your  latitude and longitude so that i can truly know where you luck falls.
Then anoint  both candles with sandawana oil accompanied with a special spell casting prayer placing the candles 8 inches apart from each-other.
We shall start  casting this money spell same day
We shall move both candles closer to each-other by 1 inch for 1 hr visualizing on your fortune and where the money will start pouring in from the Universe but making sure that your imagining the source of where that money will come from.
I will then either have to attach it to a Magic wallet or Magic Ring depending on what would be easy for you keep. The wallet or ring remains in your possession Forever and Forever  hence working for you as a slave while you enjoy the benefits life has to offer.
I will handle you the money you will have accumulated in those 8 hrs, bless your LUCK so you go and enjoy the pleasure of having deep pockets filled with Money.
That’s how i cast a money spell that works sametime
Consultation fee of  .
Pay Me after you have seen the results