Amagundwane spiritual rats money spell in Namibia, Khomas, Kavango East, Erongo and Free Spiritual rats, Short Boys to put money in your account by Most Trusted Sangoma Mama Anna with Spiritual Rats specializes in the ritual, muthi and magic used to make rats steal money. “A person must state how much he/she wants. You can state R.1 million or more – the rats will bring it! No one sees them because it’s magic First, is necessary that you decide what is exactly what you are trying to achieve with these spiritual free rituals. You must know what the particular change you want in your life. Our free witch rituals can help you if you’re sure to what you want, and you can put it in clear and concise words. Be specific in your mind. You do not limit to think “witchcraft for money” because it is possible that you want to find a new business or want to return to an old job where they paid more. There are thousands of possibilities to perform rituals to obtain an employment. For money with white magic spells are effective, while more specific is the incantation: so think quiet about the employ, job or business you’re looking for.
If you are concerned about your purpose to be selfish, you should stop and think in the spells for yourself. It is not necessarily a problem

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