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Witchcraft Lust Spell, black magic lust spells

Witchcraft Lust Spell

For witchcraft lust spell if you’ve been with your lover for a long time, chances are good that you’ve lost that loving feeling. While you still care about your partner, how they feel and how they feel about you, lust and attraction can sometimes be put on the back burner when live gets hectic. With a witchcraft lust spell, you can begin to change the way your attraction energy works, bringing that lust back into your life and into your relationship. Just because you’ve been together for a long time doesn’t mean that spark has to die or even become dimmer. This spell works on existing partners but can also be used on new partners.

Ingredients for the Witchcraft Lust Spell

  • Rose petals
  • Musk incense
  • Ceremonial dagger
  • 1 Red candle

How to Cast the Witchcraft Lust Spell

Light the candle and the incense

Put all of the rose petals into a circle and call on the dagger to bring you energy.

Take the candle and put it into the middle of the circle and begin to think of the person that you are lusting after.

Picture them in your mind and continue to consider why it is them you are lusting after.

While you are picturing them say their name over and over again.

You have to outline the lust spell that it being cast and use your name to inform the room that you are casting the spell because of the lust you have for the other person. You must know their name as it has to be said as part of the spell.

Ask that they will have the same feelings towards you that you have towards them.

It is time to blow off the candle, while doing so state that it is done with good intentions and no one is meant to suffer as a result.

Lust spells without ingredients, black magic lust spells

Lust Spells and Sex Spells


There comes a time in everyone’s relationship where the couple’s sexual activity just seems a bit dull and boring.

Don’t you ever wish that your love life could be equivalent to the first time that you two met and fell in love? Back to the early beginnings of your relationship?

A great solution to spicing up your love life is to cast lust spells.

These spells will make you and your partner more attractive to each other and fulfill your relationship with amazing sexual bliss, just like the good old days. If you are in need of a professional spell caster to cast a sex spell for you, please click here for our recommendation.

Our Free Lust Spells and Sex Spells

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  • Jealousy Spell
  • Sex Spell
  • Santeria Seduction Spell
  • Passion Spell
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Benefits of Sexual Attraction and Lust Spells

Lust spells and Passion Spells are some of the most popular spells out there because everyone out there is looking to spice up their relationship. There are many different benefits that come as a result of this lust spell such as the following

  • Recreating passion between lovers
  • Creating more physical, emotional and sexual attraction
  • Increase in sexual stamina
  • Increase in sexual desire and interest
  • More intimacy

By recreating your romance, you will then begin to solve other problems such as problems with trust, infidelity, moving in separate directions, increasing happiness and love in the relationship and more.

Solving Problems with Lust Spells and Sex Spells

The sexual component of your relationship is extremely important and it can often create grand problems in one’s relationship. Once these problems are resolved, couples will find it easier to communicate about other problems in their relationship. This incredible love spell will create immense sexual urges in both you and your partner so be aware that this spell may hit either one of you at any time. You may even notice sudden changes in yourself such as more sexual desirability and self confidence.

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