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What is Black Magic?

Black Magic; There are those that believe there is no such thing as black or white magic and that all magic should be intended to do no harm.  Nevertheless, there are practitioners of black magic or “dark magic” that draw upon malevolent spirits, gods or malevolent powers in order to invoke their energy in a spell.  The uses would be to steal, kill, cause misfortune, harm or destroy another person for the purposes of personal gain.  When most people call something “black magic”, it is a negative thing describing those who engage in those practices.

Much of black magic is done using rituals.  There are group rituals that are performed with the intention of harming another person. There is usually a High Priest or High Priestess that governs a coven of witches that engage in this type of magic.  Not all black witchcraft is malevolent and there are spells and rituals that exist which do help people and have benevolent purposes.  For example, you can use black magic to get rid of pests or diseases.  The pests are harmed but they are not the same as harming human beings.  This can create good for human beings.

Benevolent and Malevolent Magic

In the dark arts, there is no real difference between benevolent and malevolent magic.  All spells are viewed the same and there is no specific morality as there is with white rituals.  Magic is just magic. In some circles, all magic is deemed as evil, including so called white magic.  It is these people that believe witchcraft is associated with Satanism, regardless of how it is practiced.   Another theory distinguishes it from positive magic. Dark magic draws on malevolent sources and white magic draws on benevolent forces in order to accomplish a goal.  The goal of black witchcraft is to do harm to another while the goal of white witchcraft is to do good.

Some people believe there is no connection between black and white rituals.  They sometimes achieve the same effects and other times achieve the opposite effects.  The spells and rituals are completely different and those who practice the dark arts have no relationship with those that practice the white arts.

In folk magic, such as Obeah Santeria there is an attempt to harm another human being using personal elements from the individual you intend to harm.  This can include the person’s blood, hair and personal mementos.  These are used to create spells and charge talismans that serve to harm the other person.  But please remember that it is not common for the practitioners of folk magic to cast only evil spells. In fact, most of the folk magic practitioners do only good or positive magic.

Negative and Positive Intentions

There is another theory that black and white magic can often be the same thing.  The only difference between whether a spell is white or black depends on the intent of the person doing the spell.  A person can say a spell with negative intent or the same spell with positive intent.  Most witchcraft traditions follow this tenet and this is where the idea that there is no such thing as white or black magic comes from.  All magic is considered gray and the actual intention is the important thing.

There is some thought that dark magic is to be practiced during the night under the light of the moon and white magic is done during the day under the light of the sun. While this could sometimes be true, there are so-called “white spells” that can be done in the daylight and that can do someone harm. The same is true for so-called “dark spells”.

There are certain practices that are true of the dark arts.  The first is knowing a person’s true name. It is said that when you know a person’s real name, you have some kind of complete control over the person. Another practice of black medicine is referred to as “necromancy”.  This is the act of raising a body from the dead.  It is done as part of certain dark rituals. Hexes are another black practice.  You hex a person when you curse them and wish something harmful would come to the other person.

Understanding Black Magic Witchcraft

Practitioners of black magic need to understand the laws of the universe, which is what goes around comes around. Those who use these powerful spells for evil purposes will have evil knocking at their door. These spells draw powers from unknown forces and are often associated with occult powers. The power and effectiveness of black magic witchcraft has been a source of debate for decades. When used with good intentions these can do a lot of good.

Black magic has been extensively shown in movies and television, primarily as an evil tool.  This form of magic uses multiple techniques to achieve its objectives. Every ritual can be as varied as the next. To cast powerful spells in black magic, practitioners depend on their skills and finesse since they call on supernatural powers to address a situation.

Being a powerful form of magic, these spells cannot be used in any manner. There are laws that need to be abided by so that no harm is invited to anyone in the attempt to do good for someone. Practitioners need to have a great degree of knowledge about the specific area of black magic in order to minimize any risks. In addition, the person who engages the services of a practitioner must be clean and principled.

Modern day witchcraft does not permit any kind of malicious intentions by anyone and have clearly laid down the harshest punishment for any misuse of powers. According to laws of witchcraft, any misuse of the powers can only cause three times the damage and destruction to the promoter of evil deeds. The powerful spells of black magic need to be practiced with dedication at all times.

No one can practice or control the powers of black magic without having understood the implications. Black magic has only got its ‘color’ due to evil practices by some unwanted elements in society. For the most part, it is magic and was only distinguished from white magic due to the good intentions of white magic which were then used by some people to perform evil deeds. The belief system for most practitioners remains as magic with the concept of ‘absolute good’, which is what is projected while doing magic.

Santeria and Obeah that have their roots in Voodoo are often known to be the black or darker side of magic. However, much of these are used in the spiritual sense without the intent to be physically harmful to anyone. These powerful spells can remove any kind of obstruction in order to achieve its purpose. This type of magic is not impeded by emotions as it makes use of dark energy and dark matter to be effective. Practitioners are aware that at least 23% of mass energy density is affected when dealing with dark forces. These forces are powerful enough to achieve results.

Black magic practitioners apply the principle that everything in the universe remain connected which is why these powerful spells are cast during the night.  This is said to be the time when a person’s desires and wishes can be realized.

The Effectiveness of Black Magic in Love spells and all spells

The Effectiveness of Black Magic

The Effectiveness of Black Magic, for every true practitioner, has no color. However, due to the selfishness and evil intentions of a few people who use magic to harm others, it has been differentiated as black and white. Black magic, however, is a powerful form of magic that can be used with good intentions, just like white magic. Primarily, practitioners understand that the law of the universe is what rules in the world of magic, so whatever intention you cast a spell with can affect you three times more forceful. Black magic spells draw its power from forces of the universe, and therefore, cannot be taken lightly.

Is Black Magic always evil?

Although black magic has been portrayed as an evil act in movies and television, this is not the case. You can cast black magic love spells, money spells, career spells, and just about for anything that involves your personal development. Every ritual is different and it would be prudent to use the services of an experienced practitioner to cast powerful spells. The effectiveness and success of a spell depends a lot on the skills of the spell caster. Often, multiple techniques are used to ensure the success of a black magic spell.

There are laws that you need to abide by when you cast black magic spells. Experienced and principled spell casters have a great degree of knowledge and ensure that every area is covered before they cast such spells. This is because black magic is powerful and very often cannot be reversed. No true spell caster will entertain anyone that desires to cast a spell with malicious intentions. Therefore, it is essential to understand the implications before you go ahead with casting a spell.

The Dark Energies of Black Magic

Black magic is often used at a spiritual level and therefore have the power to remove any obstructions that may be in the way when a spell is cast.  The power comes from dark energy and dark matter and is therefore not impeded by emotions, which is why people often receive greater success. These spells are cast at night which is believed to be the best time when everything in the universe remains connected and a person’s desires can be realized.

Among the common forms of black magic is thaumaturgy that is said to have healing powers. However, it is also used to cast love, money, and protection spells. Whatever type of spell you need to cast you need to do so with all seriousness. Negativity will only hamper the progress of the spell, rendering it ineffective. In addition, you need to have faith and belief that your spell will work. This is what creates the positive energy required to make the spell effective.

Can Black Magic Spells work for me?

Undoubtedly, black magic spells are effective, but you should look at the practice as a quick fix to any of your problems. This is what any authentic spell caster will advise you when you seek their help. If its love or money you desire, don’t expect it to fall into your lap just because you cast a spell. These spells are just a catalyst to help you charter the right course no matter what your needs are.

Black Magic Voodoo Spells

Black Magic Voodoo Spells

What is the difference between black magic and voodoo magic?

Black Magic Voodoo Spells

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Magic is truly neither black nor white, as Black Magic Voodoo Spells is based on the natural cycles of Earth’s energy and planetary alignments and magic is the utilization of this energy directed and charged with a purpose from the caster,

What is black magic? black magic is also called {Dark Magic} it’s doing for a selfish purpose and control the someone and their emotions like feelings
What is Voodoo spells? Voodoo brings great benefits. Participation in Voodoo ritual reaffirms one’s relationship with ancestral history, community relationships

What to do if Someone has used black magic voodoo love spell on someone you love

How can a spell of a black magic be broken? The cure for black magic is positive thinking and a strong will and also with help of strong spell caster is a key to overcome a negative pure based spell/hex that was cast on you or your lover but keep in mind that good will always overcome bad most of the time.

How Do You Remove Black Magic Voodoo Spells?

If you were the one to place the spell this can take you time to remove black magic cause you don’t have extra power than spell caster but what you will need are the needful ingredients and instructions from the genuine spell caster

If you are not the person who placed the spell but feel you have enough power, motivation, experience and need to remove this spell, you will need to do a couple of things.

If you are not the person who cast the spell and you are not a practitioner of witchcraft, do not attempt this yourself. Seek out someone you are comfortable enough with to talk openly about this with and whom you trust enough to do “the right thing”. Remember, if you are not a witch, you will have no idea if you have corrected the problem or made it worse. It is perfectly alright to go to a spiritual healer.

if you are the one who has been spelled, and you do not know, trust or want to deal with the person who cast the spell (first be sure there really is a spell, lots of people claim they’ve done it, just to scare or manipulate you), you will need to ask yourself if you are willing or able to perform “magic” in order to remove “magic“, sometimes we forget that two wrongs do not make a right.

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