When you cast revenge or hurt spell does the pain come to you afterward?

How do you cast a pain spell, Spell to get rid of pain

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Actually, as long as you believe in and are focused on the spell and the power of magic you can cast a spell to Make Someone Realize They Have Done Wrong firstly when you cast a revenge spell which means your returning or giving that person a payback after being hurt so by doing this it will never come back to you but if you cast a pain spell to destroy someone and you fail to request protection spell or Spell to get rid of pain just in case of return expect to hurt you back once that person tries to go to a powerful spell caster for realization spell than whom you used. Many people hold the belief that what you put out be it good or bad comes back to you or if you put negative out you get negative back and vice versa. in Karma says, If you do good, good things will happen to you. If you do a bad thing, then you will be punished.

If you did a spell for someone to break there marriage and you don’t request protection from the powers, it is technically possible that in the future you too could break yours or that person can return to you in revenge spell this normally happens to people who don’t request spell for healing pain help from spell casters and decides to do it by themselves to reduce the costs

How do you cast a pain spell or revenge spell?

spells are very dangerous but Heartbreak is one of the most deepest scarring pains you will probably ever feel. but professional spell casters use this spells correctly. some of African magic is witchcraft spell by this spell you can make evil go away. African voodoo spells this spell can make flood, not only by casting this spell but drawing a spell circle. revenge spell chants this spell can summon all your enemies. remember that only professionals can cast this spells. Many ancient African casts this spell, for protection and revenge.