What is White Magic?

What is White Magic? is a common one. Today we want to shed some light on the subject of what white magic is and what it isn’t. White magic believes in the mystical strength of the elements and eliminating any negativity that is surrounding you without causing harm or injury to others. Its magic holds the power to heal, protect and bless, making the good dreams come true. The followers of white magic give equal importance to positive energy, and the means to achieve it. While black magic is not concerned about the harm or injury that it can cause on another for the attainment of the final outcome, the believers of white magic practices like Wicca refrain from evil energies due to the three-fold law.

Typically, white magic is used to heal the mind, body and soul from the negative and harmful energy surrounding it. Its practitioners strive to shield one from jinxes and curses that make the procurement difficult. Many resort to positive magic to clear their path to their destiny, and believe in its power to bless the new ventures, for a better association with another and gently uplift the mind from any destructive feelings.

Casting White Magic Spells

The process for casting white spells calls for a calmer and fresher environment. Both the mind and the surroundings must be kept free of unsupportive and destructive thoughts, giving room to positive energy. It is vital for the spell caster to believe in the strength of the spells cast by him to make it work in his favor. The settings created for the spell work must balance with the underlying cause for spell casting. The environment must be freed of any interferences and disturbances that can impair the tranquility of thoughts and the concentration of the mind while performing the work. The environment can exude positive energy through the existence of the ingredients like incense sticks, herbs, candles and other tools depending on the type of white magic performed and the outcome that is to be achieved. For example, the color of candles and the type of herbs included varies with the reason for the spell. Red candles assist the successful performance of love spells, whereas green candles are considered the color of money and wealth.

Similarly, the time of the spells cast varies with the religious practices followed by the spell caster. The phases of the moon, the season of the year, and the time of the day; all hold a great importance in the success of the spells cast. Many magical cults prefer to perform love spells on the full moon day for ensuring successful turnout of events.

The practitioners of white magic spells draw the energy from the four basic elements like water, air, fire and Earth. Some white witches seek the strength from the supreme power by appealing to the spirits and gods by working as the intermediary between the spell seekers and these spirits.

White Magic and the Tree-Fold Law

White magic spells believe in the need to follow a righteous path in the procurement of the outcome. They are staunch believers of three-fold law which states that any wrongful or deceitful action included in the ritual will backfire at three times more energy. Therefore, the practitioners only strive to clear the path to the destination through the elimination of the black cloud looming over one’s head. If the desired outcome and the long-term destiny of the spell seeker are different, the white spell will assist the individual in the recognition of the fact and paves the way for the procurement of the long-term outcome.

On the performance of the white magic rituals, wait for the natural elements to turn in your favor by giving it time for the fulfillment of your dreams.